Our vibrant litigation practice is comprised of the following areas of law: guardianship, probate and first party insurance claims. Mr. Aguila has broad experience advising and representing clients in a wide variety of contested matters. He has litigated and tried disputes to a verdict throughout the State of Florida. Aguila Law handles all aspects of guardianship and probate litigation, as well as insurance coverage disputes.


Guardianship litigation revolves around the legal protections and provisions designed to ensure the well-being of those who can’t protect themselves, often due to age, incapacity, or disability. These matters can involve disputes about the appointment of guardians, the actions of guardians, or the very need for a guardianship itself. At Aguila Law, we have extensive experience navigating the nuances of guardianship disputes. We work diligently to uphold the rights and best interests of our clients, whether they are potential wards, concerned family members, or guardians themselves.


Probate litigation addresses disputes arising from the distribution of an individual’s assets after death. Such disputes can involve will contests, questions about the executor’s or trustee’s conduct, claims against an estate, or interpretation of estate planning documents. Given the emotionally charged nature of these issues, and the complexities of probate law in Florida, it is essential to have an experienced attorney by your side. Aguila Law takes a compassionate and strategic approach, ensuring that the wishes of the deceased are honored while also safeguarding the rights of heirs, beneficiaries, and other involved parties.

First Party Insurance Claims

First party insurance claims involve disputes between an insured individual or business and their insurance company. When insurance providers refuse to pay out a claim, offer an amount lower than what is fair, or unnecessarily delay the claims process, legal action may be necessary. Aguila Law possesses a deep understanding of insurance law and the tactics insurance companies use. We are committed to helping our clients receive the coverage they are entitled to, ensuring that insurance providers uphold their end of the policy contract.

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