Summary Administration

Summary Administration offers a quicker, more streamlined probate process for eligible estates in Florida. At Aguila Law, we assist clients through the Summary Administration process, providing clear, efficient, and compassionate legal guidance every step of the way.

Understanding Summary Administration

Summary Administration is an expedited form of probate that can be used when the value of the deceased’s entire estate, excluding exempt property, does not exceed a certain amount or when the decedent has been deceased for more than two years.

When to Consider Summary Administration

Summary Administration can be considered when the estate meets the qualifications set by Florida law. It is typically appropriate for smaller estates or when the decedent has been deceased for a considerable period. We are here to help determine if Summary Administration is the right choice for your situation.

The Benefits of Summary Administration

Choosing Summary Administration can have several benefits, including shorter processing time, lower legal fees, and less complexity than Formal Administration. Our team will guide you through the benefits and potential challenges to help you make an informed decision.

The Process of Summary Administration

Despite being an expedited process, Summary Administration still involves several crucial steps, such as filing a petition, providing notice to creditors, and distributing the assets. We ensure these steps are completed accurately and efficiently.

Overcoming Challenges in Summary Administration

While Summary Administration is generally a faster process, there can be challenges, such as contested wills or disputes among heirs. Our legal team is equipped to help you navigate these complexities with confidence.

Integration with Overall Estate Plan

Summary Administration is just one component of a comprehensive estate plan. We offer guidance to ensure that the Summary Administration process aligns with the overall goals of your estate plan.

Why Choose Aguila Law for Summary Administration

Our experience and dedication to personalized service set us apart. We are committed to making the Summary Administration process as smooth and stress-free as possible for you and your family.

Ongoing Support

Our legal support does not end once the Summary Administration process is completed. We provide ongoing assistance to address any future concerns or questions that may arise.

Take the first step towards securing your estate. Contact Aguila Law at (305) 967-8554 today for a consultation on Summary Administration. We’re here to protect your interests and offer peace of mind during this challenging time.

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